About Us

The India of Wellness and Relaxation

Prayohsa Steam bath leading professional manufacturer in Mumbai based company and has been providing top quality most advanced energy-saving steam generators for virtually every commercial and residential application for over 15 years, Our leading research and development team and lifestyle improvement programs have resulted in the most advanced line of relaxation products for your club, gym or home.

Prayosha Steam high-end steam generators have been successfully serving some of Our commitment to constant improvement and technological innovation has earned us satisfied and loyal customers but most importantly, it has earned us satisfied end users. We have been able to provide custom solutions for your club, gym or home.

Prayosha Steam also fabricates “do-it-yourself”, custom – built cedar log Steam to suit your requirement.

Prayosha steam generators assure consistent high quality and safety controls.

Prayosha Steam always recognizes, inspires and fulfills customers’ desires; it evolves in developing the best solutions for customers, which are exemplary in its designs, functions, quality, and service. uses the expertise, commitment, and creativity of its employees as well as advanced and environmental technology to produce the best quality steam products for our customer’s in order that Steam always stays ahead in the industry and to be the most attractive steam products supplier in India.

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