Prayosha Steam Bath Manufacturer Of Bath Steam Generators

Technical expertise and years of experience in the field of Earthing products

Quality Assurance

We operates under the ISO 9001:2008 certification model for quality assurance in production ensuring that the Company meets the highest standards possible. Our products are developed at the outset for ease of use and complete adaptability. Its flexible approach to product design also provides a strong foundation to cater all applications.

Research & Development

Our Multi-level research on electrically conductive contact with the surface of the Earth (grounding or earthing), effects relating to Soil conditions, Our research on effective lightning protection codes has empowered us to continuously showcase quality products.

Customized Product range

Prayosha Steam Bath variations of the product platform that appeal to different market segments.We manufacture fully customized earthing electrode that our market requires.We offers best in class warranty as a standard feature across all product lines.

Expertise & Experience

We bring you our 15 years experience, Our uniqueness, our individuality, and our experience molds us to be the leader. We challenge ourselves to deliver into the deepest resources for innovation and development. Our Customer acceptance, understanding,tolerance, and compassion keeps us growing.


The India of Wellness and Relaxation

Prayohsa Steam bath leading professional manufacturer in Mumbai based company and has been providing top quality most advanced energy-saving steam generators for virtually every commercial and residential application for over 15 years, Our leading research and development team and lifestyle improvement programs have resulted in the most advanced line of relaxation products for your club, gym or home.

Prayosha Steam high-end steam generators have been successfully serving some of Our commitment to constant improvement and technological innovation has earned us satisfied and loyal customers but most importantly, it has earned us satisfied end users. We have been able to provide custom solutions for your club, gym or home.

Prayosha Steam also fabricates “do-it-yourself”, custom – built cedar log Steam to suit your requirement.

Prayosha steam generators assure consistent high quality and safety controls.

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